Nathan Peterman Could Let Tom Brady Throw 1,000 Straight INTs & Still Have A Higher INT Percentage

Nathan Peterman is one of the worst quarterbacks to ever step on a professional football field. As if any able-seeing human’s eyes couldn’t tell you that, the statistics back it up.

The Buffalo Bills QB led the Houston Texans on a beautiful game-winning drive Sunday, throwing an awful pick-6 during his two minute drill in place of the injured Josh Allen.

The interceptions have been a problem for Peterman, evident by his first NFL game where he threw five of them in the first half. FIVE IN THE FIRST HALF.


He’s sprinkled in four more picks this season with the minimal playing team he’s seen, and if there was one stat to sum up Peterman’s career thus far, it’s this.

Peterman throws an interception on 11% of his passes, meaning that every ten times a pass leaves his hand, one of them goes to the defense.

In fact, Peterman could let Tom Brady throwing 1,000 straight interceptions on his next 1,000 passes and still have a higher interception percentage than Brady.

This also marks the first and very last time Nathan Peterman will be mentioned in the same sentence as Tom Brady.

I suppose the Bills are thinking Tyrod Taylor wasn’t as bad as they thought right about now.