Suspected Mail Bomber Was Very Much Anti-NFL Because Of Colin Kaepernick

Cesar Sayoc Jr., the 56-year-old Florida man, who was arrested today for allegedly sending bombs to various Democratic leaders, supporters and CNN commentators in an act of domestic terrorism.

Sayoc’s Twitter account, which has since been suspended ‘@hardrock2016’, was very much anti-NFL over the Colin Kaepernick saga and made his feelings felt on social media replying to various media outlets with anti-Kaepernick memes and tweets:

When Nike signed Colin Kaepernick to an advertising deal, Sayoc allegedly tweeted this meme that was very much against the decision:

Earlier this year, after former Papa Johns CEO John Schnatter had blamed the kneeling during the Anthem for his slumping pizza sales, Sayoc bought an insane amount of Papa Johns pizza and took to a Walmart:

Sayoc follows 32 people, including accounts for the Miami Heat, the Miami Dolphins, Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, ESPN, and SportsCenter. The account liked only 13 tweets, including this one:

Sayoc was hit with multiple federal charges, including making “threats against former presidents,” in connection with the pipe bombing campaign that could send him to jail for up to 48 years.