Belichick Could Lose 866 Straight Games & Still Have A Better Winning Percentage Than Hue Jackson

The second worst coach in NFL ahistorical and the best coach in NFL history we’re both in the news Monday, one for getting fired and one for winning a primetime divisional game on the road.

The Cleveland Browns let their coach of almost three season go Monday, firing him after only mustering three wins in 40 games with the headset.

Aftee that stretch, Jackson finished with a .025 winning percentage, the second lowest in league history.


As if Jackson deserved to me mentioned in the same sentence as Bill Belichick, comparing the two is downright laughable.

The disparity of success between the two coaches is so great, Belichick could lead his Patriots to 866 straight losses, or 54 consecutive 0-16 seasons, and still have a better winning percentage than Hue Jackson.

The statistic is even funnier considering Belichick was fired by the Browns after four years as head coach from 1991-1995.