Saints Fear Newly Signed WR Dez Bryant Tore His Achilles

Dez Bryant finally has a new team after eight months out of football, but he now be out for even longer if not for good.

After being released by the Cowboys in April, the WR has been in search of a new team and on Wednesday, the Saints came calling.

Just days after signing with New Orleans, the team is reportedly fearing Bryant suffered a torn achilles tendon during practice.

According to those at Saints practice, the injury occurred during a routine route break. He needed to be helped off the field.

An achilles tear is a difficult injury for any player at any position to come back from and will escpially be tough for the 30-year-old who struggled with explosiveness in his final season with Dallas.

ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Saints may turn their focus towards Brandon Marshall, another veteran receiver the team worked out along with Bryant earlier in the week.

Marshall is without a team after being released by the Seahawks this year.


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