The Kansas City Chiefs Lost The Coin Toss Today For The First Time All Year After Going 13-0

The Kansas City Chiefs haven’t done a lot of losing this season, and that includes the coin toss. In fact up until today, the team was undefeated on the regular season going 9-0, and the preseason, going 4-0, the best record in the NFL by a wide margin.

Despite the good luck, the Chiefs lost the coin toss to the Cardinals Sunday at Arrowhead.

If you thought the coin toss meant nothing, the Chiefs beg to differ. The team has scored a TD on 8 of it’s 9 opening possessions, meaning they’ve essentially started every game but one this season with a 7-0 lead. As if that offense needed a head start…

Despite losing to coin toss against Arizona, the Chiefs still scored a touchdown 58 seconds into the game.