Stephan A Smith And Will Cain Got Into A Heated Argument Over Baker Mayfield On First Take

Baker Mayfield’s comments on Hue Jackson was still a topic of discussion on Tuesday’s edition of ESPN’s First Take as the crew spent much of Tuesday show debating the topic.

Woody argued Monday that Mayfield was being hypocrite over his stance on Jackson’s decision to join the Bengals after being fired from Cleveland, citing his decision to transfer schools during his college career.

On Tuesday, ESPN’s Will Cain spoke out in defense of Mayfield, saying his issue with Jackson taking the Bengals offer exemplifies his competitive nature but tension boiled over during the segment. Cain screamed at Kellerman when Kellerman pointed out that Cain had repeated the same point five times:


At the end of the discussion, Stephen A Smith called out Cain, which led to another shouting match between the two:

Here’s the complete transcript of the heated exchange via USA Today:

Smith: “The only thing I have to say is this, we should have a separate show on talking to Will about the existence of entitlement – because clearly he doesn’t understand some people have it, and some people don’t. That is not a conversation you would want to get into with me about.”

Cain: “You know what, Stephen A.? You might do this. Maybe you could impanel a group of four people to debate me all at once and see who could win. Or you could try to take me one-on-one.”


Smith: “Well, first of all, I don’t have to do either. Because I’ve waxed your behind on enough occasions one-on-one. I don’t need any help dealing with you. Please, you just learning sports, step back.”

Cain: “You could do it however you want. Because I’m here, I’m here at your disposal, Stephen A. Hey Stephen A., I’m here at your invitation, as always.”

*Awkward pause*

Molly Qerim: “Will, appreciate you. Always get the debate going my man.”

Smith: “Appreciate you, bye, have a nice day.”