You Can Apply To Be A Player Or Coach In The XFL On LinkedIn, Make $250k

The XFL is kicking off in 2020, and well to have a league, having players and coaches is somewhat important.

Vince McMahon and the league’s executives have the task of gathering enough players and coaches to field 8 different teams in 8 different cities, and are doing so with the help of LinkedIn.

A job application form for players and coaches popped up on the XFL website and LinkedIn this week, simply asking those interested to out a form and attach a resume.


To be fair, the NFL holds camps trying out players who weren’t good enough to make the official combine, and it does occasionally produce stars.

Players literally pay for a workout from NFL coaches for a shot at the league, and for players like star Vikings WR Adam Thielen, who paid 250 bucks for a shot at glory, some diamonds in the rough are found.