Fan Creates Hilarious Parody NFL Top 100 List With Nathan Peterman As #1 Ranked Player (VIDEO)

Each and every year, the NFL Network releases their top 100 players of 2018, and nobody had a better 2018 than Nathan Peterman.

Peterman completed nearly 85% of his passes, 52% to his own WRs and 32% to the opposing defense. The Bills QB also threw for 4 touchdowns, 3 of which were to the other team.

With Peterman playing too well for a Bills team attempting to tank to secure a high draft pick to surround rookie QB Josh Allen with talent, the team decided to let him go mid season.

Despite not playing the second half of the year, the start to his season was enough to land him as NFL Network’s top player on their annual Top 100 list.


  1. “More than anything, they played harder than we did,” Kerr said. “Schemes go out the window when a team plays harder than you. Schemes don’t matter unless you compete. I always say it, every year, that the first adjustment you have to make is to playing harder. And then you can get into switching rotations and matchups.