Kyler Murray Expected To Pick Football Over Baseball, Enter 2019 NFL Draft

The plan was for Oakland Athletics’ top draft pick Kyle Murray to play college football for one year more year and then begin spring training and start his professional baseball career.

4361 yards, 42 touchdowns and one Heisman trophy later and it looks like that plan isn’t staying to course.

The A’s are reportedly expecting Murray to declare for the NFL draft on Sunday, per The Chronicle on Wednesday.


The 21-year-old dual athlete was selected ninth overall in the 2018 MLB Draft by the A’s and given a contract worth $4.66 million. If he decides to play football, that money will evaporate, but will of course be recouped, and then some over the course of his NFL career. The A’s will unfortunately lose their draft pick.

Murray is a likely first round pick in a weak quarterback 2019 class and will likely draw interest from the New York Giants, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals and Miami Dolphins amongst others.