Florida Woman Arrested For Tasing Another Woman Over Unpaid $10 Bet From Clemson-Alabama Game

The result of the Clemson-Alabama National Championship game was surprising, but nobody was more shocked than one Florida woman.

A woman was tased by 43-year-old Consuela Grant after her husband didn’t pay up to a $10 bet from the title game.

The ex-con whipped out a stun-gun and stuck it in the chest of the victim while the two met on a dirt road in northwest Ocala on Wednesday, three days after the game.


The victim told officers that she had chest pain as police searched for Gant, who fled the scene after the assault.

After later being captured, she was arrested and charged with of possession of an electronic stun device by a convicted felon, battery and unlicensed carrying of a concealed electronic stun device.

(New York Post)