Patriots Selling Underdog Shirts After Not Being Favored In Game For First Time In 1,218 Days

The Philadelphia Eagles ran with the underdog theme through the 2018 playoffs to capture their first Super Bowl in history, and with a backup QB, seemingly half your team injured and facing the greatest coach and QB of all time, understandably so.

Well, the Patriots, yes arguably the greatest franchise is NFL history, is also attempting to take on the role as underdogs after a mere 11-5 season in which they won their division by 6 games and went undefeated at home.

The only reason New England isn’t favored coming into this Sunday’s game is because they’ll be traveling to one of the toughest places in the league to play, Arrowhead Stadium, and yet are still only a 3 point dog.


Despite only being doubted by 3 points, Tom Brady and the Pats are going all in on the underdog theme, brining it up in postgame interviews, posting about it on social media, making hype videos, and even having the audacity to begin selling merchandise.

Patriots WR Julian Edelman has begun selling ‘Bet Against Us’ shirts, which can be purchased on his website.

Edelman also shared a video showcasing the doubters and even Chiefs highlights from the regular season.

Perhaps all the nonsense has to do with the Patriots not being accustom to not being favored in a game, which hasn’t happened in 1,218 days and hasn’t been the case for any playoff game the Pats were in for the last 11 years.