43-Year-Old Matt Hasslebeck Says Playoff-Contending Team Called Asking If He Could Play This Season

Imagine a occupation where only 20-25 people of the 7.5 billion on planet Earth are equipped enough to do their job well. That occupation is ‘NFL Quarterback’ and is exactly why they get paid so much.

The success teams with one have is evident and the desperation teams with one have is ever existent, and that’s no more perfectly epitomized by this.

43-year-old Matt Hasslebeck has been retired from the NFL since 2016, now working as an analyst for ESPN and co-host of Monday Night Countdown.

Despite not having played in a game since 2015, Hasslebeck said he received a phone call from a playoff-contending team looking for his services, per The Ringer’s Kevin Clark.

Hasselbeck noted the team, who is likely the Washington Redskins considering their quarterback situation late in the year, asked if he was “in shape and available to sign.”

His answer was of course, no.

Colin Kaepernick is really never getting a job after this revelation.