Saints RB Alvin Kamara Works As Garbage Man In Effort To Work Different Blue-Collar Job Every Week

Tuesday is usually every NFL player’s day off, time to recover from a grueling week of practice and a tough game either on Sunday or the night before, but for Alvin Kamara, it’s right back to work.

The New Orleans Saints running back woke up Tuesday less than 48 hours after helping his team advance to the NFC Championship Game to…get this – pick up trash.

Yes, Kamara, who makes $1.5 million a year, tried his hand at being a garbage man, riding on a truck and picking up trash along the streets of New Orleans.

The move comes as part of Kamara’s initiative to work a different blue-collar job every Tuesday to show his respect for the hustle of the men and women not fortunate enough to be in his position.