Tony Romo To Call The Super Bowl For CBS

Despite three touchdown passes by Patrick Mahomes and a game-winning drive by Tom Brady for the Patriots in overtime, the man who dazzled most during the 2019 AFC Championship game wasn’t even on the field.

Tony Romo, former QB turned broadcaster, shined in his first conference championship game, reading formations on countless instances throughout the game and diagnosing what the subsequent play would be and why.

He was correct every single time.


Romo’s wizardry was taken note of on social media amounts fans around the league, and even CBS has taken note.

in just his second season in the booth, Romo and his unique ability to provide insight into what will happen on the play that hasn’t even happened yet will be on the call for Super Bowl LIII for the network come February.

Yes folks, Tony Romo finally made it to the Super Bowl.

Who knows how long Romo’s career calling games will last, considering his name is being thrown around for coordinator positions and even head coaching positions.

Regardless, his post-playing career no seems bright.