New Orleans Bars & Restaurants Refusing To Show This Year’s Super Bowl, Hosting Boycott Parties Instead

The saltiness in New Orleans has reached a new peak.

After being stripped of their trip to Super Bowl LII on the back of an admittedly egregious no-call benefiting the Rams, New Orleans is deciding to pretend like this years Super Bowl simply doesn’t exist.

The city’s famous Bourbon Street is the hottest spot to catch the big game annually, but come this Super Bowl Sunday, you’ll have a hard time finding it on any television.

Some New Orleans bars and restaurants have decided they won’t partake in the Super Bowl festivities, refusing to broadcast the game.

Some of those establishments have decided to replay the 2010 Super Bowl where the Saints beat the Colts 31-17, while others are even hosting parties specifically intended to boycott the Super Bowl.

Per, here’s a list so far of bars and restaurants boycotting the game and holding other events in it’s place.

Blue Oak BBQ
900 N Carrollton Ave., New Orleans, 504.822.2585