Louisiana Senator Goes On Rant Ripping NFL Over Blown Call On The Senate Floor

It’s official folks, the outcry of Saints fans over the now infamous blown call in the NFC Championship game has reached Capitol Hill.

Louisiana senator Bill Cassidy is part of the millions of Saints fans in uproar of the missed pass interference call that helped keep the Saints out of Super Bowl LIII, and is doing his part to rip the NFL.

Cassidy brough signs, evidence and his argument to the actual Senate floor to call out the league and the injustice that struck New Orleans.

The State of Louisiana is outraged because of what happened in the Superdome last Sunday,” Cassidy said during his 5-minute presentation.

“To the folks back home, it is something which continues to disturb them.”

Cassidy referred to the play as the most blatant and consequential blown call in NFL history,” even going as far to say the outcome will make an impact on American culture.

Cassidy is calling for the NFL to launch a full-fledged investigation claiming the referee crew came into the title game with a pro-LA Rams agenda.

The senator concluded by demanding  the officials who worked the game to face the Senate and be deposed.