Petition Started To Kick The Saints Out Of The NFL For All Their Crying About No Call From NFC Title Game

New Orleans Saints fans started a petition to have the NFC Championship game replayed due to the now infamous botched pass interference that went uncalled.

Well, fans from around rest of the NFL has responded with a petition of their own, aimed at kicking the team out of the NFL for their crying over the matter.

The complaining at the hands of fans, players and even coaches has extended into Super Bowl week, and apparently some people are fed up…


The petition reads –

New Orleans Saints is crying way to much about a non PI call in the NFC CHAMPIONSHIP game vs Los Angeles Rams( January 20th 2019)….EVERY TEAM would love to go back and rematch a particular game…As a NFL FAN, I’m sick of the Saints crying and they should be banned from the league indefinitely….THEY ARE RUINING THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE !! IT MUST STOP !!!!

Clearly started as a joke, the petition already has more than a thousands signatures.

You can see the petition in full by clicking HERE.