Sources Say Colin Kaepernick Likely Received Up To $80 Million In Settlement With NFL

It was announced Friday that Colin Kaepernick’s case against the NFL came to a close in the form of a settlement, and we now have an estimate of just how much the disgraced former NFL QB and Eric Reed might have received as a result of the agreement.

The joint decision doesn’t necessarily mean an admission of guilt on the part of the NFL, but it’s definitely curious as the league originally took the case to another court to have it thrown out. Kaepernick and Reid of course won that.

It’s likely the league was forced to pay the huge sum for the agreement of confidentiality to keep any details that might have alluded to collusion from league officials or team owners.

Kaepernick now walks away from the league with more money than he would have likely ever made having been given a job.