Man Forced To Enter Dog Park Covered In Peanut Butter After Losing In Fantasy Football League

25-year-old Steven Shrout was a newbie to fantasy football and decided to join in on a 12-team league made up of his friend from high school who  have had a decade of fantasy football experience under their belts. You can already see how this one’s going to end up.

“It was my first year, and I didn’t do any kind of studying at first. I just kind of jumped in,” Shrout said.

Shrout (now laughably) selected LeVeon Bell as his first pick. The Steelers running back of course didn’t end up playing a down all season after holding out all 17 weeks for a contract he never got.

“I ended up being dead last,” Shrout said.

Shrout’s punishment decided upon by the league would be to cover himself head to toe in peanut butter and enter a dog park.

Here’s the priceless video:

(h/t Barstool Sports)