Woman Bitten By Dak Prescott’s Dog Loses Part Of Finger

A woman bitten by a pit bull owned by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott was left with a part of her right finger missing, according to WFAA.

Frisco Animal Services Officers had also warned people at Prescott’s home twice as many months that his dogs had gotten loose in the neighborhood because a door near his garage wasn’t properly closed, the documents said.

Prescott’s dog has remained in quarantine at the Collin County Animal Shelter since the Feb. 25 incident, which happened in the quarterback’s neighborhood on Hilton Head Lane. The Frisco municipal court will hold a hearing on March 20 to determine if the pit bull should be deemed a “dangerous dog,” police said.



The woman who was bitten by the dog had found Prescott’s dogs loose in her front yard, biting and tearing her wooden fence, according to a complaint filed by an Frisco Animal Services supervisor.

The dogs were able to make an opening in the woman’s fence and bite one of her dogs. When the woman intervened, one of the loose dogs bit her right hand, injuring her ring finger.

The woman was hospitalized for four days and was left without a portion of her finger.