Steelers RB Says Ben Roethlisberger Intentionally Fumbled Ball On This Play To Show Up Coaches

With Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell now residing in Oakland and New York, it seems like the Steelers have all problems and distractions gone heading into 2019. Some would argue the team’s biggest problem is still in Pittsburgh.

One of those people is even a former Steelers player and teammate of Big Ben, Josh Harris.

Harris has agreed with Antonio Brown’s stance that Roethlisberger is a bad teammate and his liberty to do what he wants within the organization without repercussion has gotten out of hand, even pointing to on-the-field instances.


Harris says that on a play for a matchup against the Bengals in 2014, Roethlisberger disagreed with a play call from then offensive coordinator Todd Haley who wanted the team to run a play instead of take a knee.

To spite Haley, Big Ben intentionally stuck the football out to the fullback, intentionally fumbling it, which Harris had to recover.

Here’s another angle:

Though we’ll never be sure, Harris’ argument does sound convincing after watching both videos.