Tony Romo Wants Richest Contract For Sports Analyst Ever ($10 Million Per Year) To Stay At CBS

Tony Romo went from an experimental color commentator to the most beloved analyst in all of sports, and now he wants to be paid like it.

The former Dallas Cowboys quarterback reportedly is seeking a new contract that would make him the high paid sports analyst in history to stay at CBS long-term (Michael McCarthy/Sporting News)

The exact figure is $10 million per year, and if CBS doesn’t pay it, you can be assured ESPN will.


For reference, Troy Aikman makes around $7.5 million a year commentating for Fox, and Jon Gruden made $6.5 million a year doing Monday Night Football on ESPN before accepting a head coaching job with the Raiders.

The 38-year old Romo is currently bounded to a three-year deal that he signed before the 2017 NFL season that pays him $4 million a year.