Philly Fans Boo Bryce Harper After Strike Out In First Game Of His 13-Year Contract With Phillies

Bryce Harper made his debut with the Phillies today, the first of thousands of games he’ll play with his new team.

Harper signed a 13-year $330 million contract with Philadelphia after opting to leave Washington.

Despite the hype and a packed ballpark for Opening Day on Thursday, Harper’s first game in the red pinstripes was less than stellar, going 0-3 with two strike outs. One of those came in the sixth inning, where Harper swung and missed in his third plate appearance of the day.


In typically Philly sports fan fashion, the boos made an appearance.

Harper should have known there was a chance he would booed in his debut, with Philly fans boing the Eagles just two quarters into their first game since winning the franchise’s first Super Bowl.