REPORT: Giants Could Sit QB Daniel Jones For Three Years

Dave Gettleman is dealing with a strained back Friday morning after reaching for Daniel Jones.

The New York Giants took the Duke quarterback as their replacement to Eli Manning, but it appears as if Giants fans won’t get a glimpse of their future anytime soon.

Gettleman, the Giants GM, explained the pick in a press conference following the first round of the draft late Friday, saying, “Maybe we’re going to be the Green Bay model where Rodgers sat for three years. Who knows?”

“You can never have too many good players at one position.”


“We drafted a quarterback that we believe is a franchise quarterback,” Gettleman said of Jones. “That’s really the long and the short of it.”

Asked if the plan for Manning, 38, was one more season, Gettleman said, “Absolutely not.”

Perhaps if you have to wait three years to develop a quarterback behind an already aging QB, he wasn’t worth using the No 6 overall pick on.

(Pro Football Talk)