Today Marks Exactly 10,000 Days Since The Detroit Lions Last Playoff Win

As if living in Detroit wasn’t a shitty enough situation, you’re also subjected to rooting for the Lions while you’re there.

Today isn’t just any other Thursday for the blue and silver faithful in southeast Michigan, it’s a reminder of how painstakingly awful their team has been over the course of decades.

As of May 23rd, 2019, it’s been exactly 10,000 days since Detroit’s last postseason win. The streak ranking among the top of such droughts in the four major professional American sports, and only second to the streak the Bengals have going on over in Cincinnati that tops the Lions by only a one year.

Yes, the Lions can’t even win at being the worst.


The team’s last playoff win came in 1990 during the NFC divisional round, and in that span, have forced two all-time greats in Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson to straight up retire out of frustration, and record the first winless season in the history of the NFL.

Sucking – a tradition even the Cleveland Browns, a name synonymous with the word ‘suck’, have managed to emerge from before the Lions.