REPORT: Kawhi Leonard Interested In “Short-Term” Extension With Raptors

When Kawhi Leonard wanted a trade out of San Antonio, it’s became well-know that Leonard’s desire was to end up playing in his hometown of Los Angeles.

Despite those desires being so public and the fact that Leonard could ultimately be a 1-year rental, the Raptors still ended up trading for him and a year later are in the NBA Finals and have a 1-0 lead on the defending champion, Golden State Warriors.

Along with this and the impressive playoff run the Raptors have been and the fact that the Canada has essentially given Kawhi the keys to the entire country, there seems to be some indication that Leonard might be interested in sticking around.

According to, Leonard has interest in returning to the Raptors on what’s being called a “short-term” contraction extension:


Leonard has stayed quiet about his impending free agency but its’ becoming more and more clear that Toronto is definitely a favorite to keep him around, whether it’s short term or long term.