Mark Sanchez Retires From The NFL

Is it really considered retirement if nobody wants you? Regardless, Mark Sanchez has retired from the NFL after eight seasons.

QB Mark Sanchez announces retirement after eight-year career. (via @RapSheet)— NFL (@NFL) July 23, 2019

After playing at USC, Sanchez was drafted by the New York Jets with the fifth overall pick in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Despite a promising start to his career and trips to two AFC Championship games, Sanchez became the butt of jokes after the infamous “butt-fumble” play, where he fumbled after running into his lineman’s behind during a 2012 Thanksgiving day game against the Patriots.

Sanchez was released by the team two years later and signed with the Eagles, then becoming a journeyman and playing for the Broncos, Cowboys, Bears, Redskins.

Sanchez will join ESPN for what’s been described as a high-profile gig with the network.


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