Seahawks Rookie WR D.K. Metcalf’s Size Standing Next To Fellow WR Tyler Lockett Is Astounding

It’s not often that the most talked about player heading into a draft is also the same player who has 63 guys picked ahead of him.

That player would be new Seattle Seahawks WR D.K. Metcalf, who went viral on the internet after a shirtless photo of the Ole Miss Rebel surfaced prior to the 2019 combine. Another such photo even turned into a popular meme.

Relatively unknown to the masses in college, Metcalf made rounds on the internet and became a household name for his freakish build, evident even when standing next to other NFL hopefuls.

That 6’3″ 227lb. frame was on display at Seahawks training camp this week, with Metcalf looking absolutely massive standing next to fellow wideout Tyler Lockett, who tops at a not so short 5’11”.