Ex-NFL RB Larry Johnson Goes On Bizarre Twitter Rant About The NFL & NBA Having An “Effeminate Agenda”

Former NFL running back Larry Johnson went on a bizarre Twitter rant on Thursday that the NFL and the NBA have an “effeminate agenda” to indoctrinate professional sports with an inclusive message because of the buying power of the LGBTQ community.

The former Kansas City Chiefs running back claimed that because of past instances where professional sports organizations participated in inclusive events promoting equality, this meant that these organizations had an “effeminate agenda” but that “we” — the fans — are “not ready to have that conversation yet.”

The timing of these tweets are interesting as they came hours after former Dallas Cowboys’ defensive lineman Ryan Russell came out as bisexual.

These tweets drew many responses, including one Twitter user who accused Johnson of “hating gays”:

In another response, he claims he’s not being homophobic, but rather, warning how homophobic sports fans will respond to this “effeminate agenda.”

Johnson has never been shy of speaking his mind on Twitter as he’s called out many NFL players over domestic violence, despite Johnson, himself has a criminal history of violence against women.

In 2012, Johnson was arrested in Las Vegas for allegedly assaulting an ex-girlfriend. He reportedly choked her to the point she blacked out.