EA Sports Ready To Bring Back NCAA College Football Game After ‘Fair Play’ Law

A big step was taken in potentially bringing back the NCAA Football game when new NCAA regulations that will potentially allow players to make money off their likenesses was passed.

Following the passing fo the ‘Fair Play’ law, EA Sports immediately jumped at the opportunity to revive the beloved video game series.

Electronic Arts CEO Andrew Wilson told Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal:

“Our position is we would love to build a game. If there’s a world where the folks who govern these things are able to solve for how to pay players for the use of their name and likeness and stats and data, we would jump at the opportunity to build a game in a heartbeat.”

Wilson’s response was to California’s Fair Play to play Act, which makes it illegal for the NCAA to prohibit players from profiting on their name and likeness. Since then, other states introduced similar legislation, and the trickle down effect forced the NCAA to change their policy on Tuesday.


The NCAA Football video game ceased production in 2013 after a class-action lawsuit was filed by Ed O’Bannon in regard to the use of his likeness. Since then, EA has been wanting to pay collegiate athletes for their likeness but were stopped by the NCAA, which prohibited it from happening.

With the NCAA changing its policy, it appears all parties could have the green light to revive the series.