Odell Beckham On Sidelines During Loss To Broncos: “I Can’t Get The Ball To Save My Life”

Odell Beckham is getting frustrated and it’s only a matter of time before he goes off.

On Sunday, the Browns suffered yet another loss and this one could be the most embarrassing loss of the season.

The Browns were facing the Broncos, who were led by backup quarterback Brandon Allen and still couldn’t pull out a victory.

One key moment during the loss was a 4th down play late in the fourth quarter where Baker Mayfield had missed Beckham for what would’ve been the go-ahead touchdown:

Instead, Mayfield threw it to Jarvis Landry, who was doubled team. The pass was incomplete and the Browns turned the ball over on downs. They never got the ball back, again.

But as Beckham was coming off the field, he made an interesting comment that seems to indicate that he’s reaching his breaking point in Cleveland:

Things seem to be off to a rough start in Cleveland and it seems like it can only get worse as the losses continue to pile up.