Gambler Wins $329,000 On Crazy 13-Team Parlay Less Than A Month After Winning $333,000

This dude’s luck is insane.

A 23-year-old sports gambler, Ben Patz has won a total of $672,000 on four parlay’s in the last month thanks to his incredible luck.

In a story published by Action Sports Network, Patz breaks down how he’s had this incredible run in the sports gambling world:

“Last month, Ben Patz hit a $1,800, 15-leg parlay for $239,000. This weekend, he hit a $7,000 13-leg parlay and won $333,000 when the New England Patriots beat the Philadelphia Eagles.

When Patz turned 18 he says he opened an account offshore and bet $90 on Floyd Mayweather to beat Manny Pacquiao. He says he developed a big bankroll, took a break while in France for a year-and-a-half and came back and eventually lost it all.

About three years ago, he says he won a 12-team parlay and netted about $75,000, but it was on an illegal offshore site and only managed to get $12,000 out.

But it’s only recently that Patz landed on the radar of the sports betting world.

On Oct. 14, Patz says he bet $19,000 on the Packers moneyline. Green Bay won by one in regulation on a Mason Crosby field goal as time expired. “It really made me think about it,” Patz said. “Teams aren’t trying to cover, they are trying to win. And so it got me more comfortable with the moneyline.”
That’s when the run started.
On Oct. 27, Patz won $239,000. On Nov. 1, his $25,000 three-team parlay netted him $47,000. On Nov. 7, a $20,000 four-team parlay hit for $53,000. And then on Nov. 17, he won $333,000.”



Gotta love America!