Myles Garrett Says Mason Rudolph Using Racial Slur Was The Reason He Swung Helmet At Him

Myles Garrett bringing back the ole impossible to disprove “he called me a racial slur” excuse.

The Browns star defensive end is in New York this week to appeal his indefinite suspension that has ended Garrett’s season.

Garrett was suspended for his role in a brawl during his team’s game against the Steelers on Thursday Night Football.

Garrett ripped Rudolph’s helmet off and swung at Steelers QB Mason Rudolph’s head, landing him the longest suspension for an on-field act in NFL history.

In attempt to reduce the punishment and hopefully limit it from carrying over into next year, Garrett sat down with NFL officials and reportedly claimed that Rudolph used a racial slur, provoking the helmet swing.

Oddly, Garrett failed to mention that slightly major detail post game during an apology to Rudolph. 

Rudolph’s legal team, who opted not to press charges, issues a statement adamantly refuting Garrett’s claims.