Saints Get Screwed On Pass Interference Rule That Was Instituted Because Saints Got Screwed

The relationship the NFL and the Saints have is pure comedy at this point.

All of us are familiar with arguably the worst single piece of officiating in NFL history last season when the officials failed to call a pass interference on a play where a Saints receiver was tackled by a Rams defender late in the NFC Championship game.

This offseason, a rule was implemented to help teams like the Saints nullify an unthinkable call by the officials. Only problem? Referees have been adamant about not enforcing the rule, calling blatant and egregious interference calls and failing to overturn them, and vice versa upon review.

The trend has been so obvious, most coaches have simply stopped challenging plays knowing the refs will stick with what they called.

During the 4th quarter of Sunday’s Saints-Panthers game, a pass interference no call was challenged by Carolina.

The one time it does get reversed? It happens to be against the Saints.

Now granted the officials ultimately got this call correct, but with referees almost always sticking with the call on the field through the first 10 weeks of the season, the Saints surely though this call would stand as well.

Fortunately for bitter Saints fans, New Orleans ended up eventually winning the game.