Browns Head Coach Freddie Kitchens Spotted Wearing ‘Pittsburgh Started It’ Shirt

The Browns and Steelers are facing off for the second time three weeks on Sunday, and Pittsburgh may have some extra bulletin board material heading into their meeting.

During the two divison rivals first meeting in Week 11, Mason Rudolph and Myles Garrett ignited a brawl that led to Garrett crushed the Steelers QB over his head with his own helmet. The Browns star pass rusher was hit with the most extreme punishment for an on-field act in NFL history, leaving Garrett sidelined for the rest of the season.

Though Rudolph wasn’t suspended and fined $50k, many thought he, not just Garrett deserved flack for the brawl, with Rudolph having tried to rip off Garrett’s helmet first.

Giving into the theory, Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens was spotted on Friday night “Pittsburgh Started It” T-shirt.


The Cleveland-based design company who made the shirt first posted the selfie featuring Kitchens on Instagram, with Browns source confirming to ESPN that Kitchens indeed wore it. The head coach said he received it from his daughters “as a joke” and wore it to the movies, not intending anyone to catch a glimpse of it.