REPORT: Chad Kelly Being Sued By Von Miller’s Photographer For Assault

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Chad Kelly is being sued by Von Miller’s personal cameraman for allegedly punching him in the face, breaking his nose while being drunk and high at a 2018 Halloween Party.

According to TMZ Sports:

The man behind the suit is Jackson Belcher, a videographer who’s been working for Von Miller for years.

Belcher claims he was hired to cover Von’s 2018 Halloween party at The Gothic Theater in Denver on Oct. 22 … where he claims Kelly (Miller’s Broncos teammate at the time) was boozing and using “recreational drugs.”

In his suit, Belcher claims he went up to the 2nd floor to retrieve a camera when he was “inexplicably grabbed” by Kelly … who was “obviously intoxicated, enraged and highly aggressive.”

Belcher says Kelly punched him “directly on the bridge of his nose, causing him to fall into the group of people, and then onto a railing.”

Belcher says he suffered a broken nose in the attack which required 4 surgeries to fix — along with a head injury, concussion and physical and emotional trauma.

On that same night, Kelly was arrested for breaking into a random person’s home while dressed in a his Halloween costume.

He later pled guilty to 2nd-degree criminal trespass.