Jets Beat Reporter Is Behind The Fake Adam Gase Burner Account

2019 is about to end but this might be the craziest story of the year.

Last week, folks on Twitter believed they had uncovered Jets HC Adam Gase’s burner account.

The tweets from the account — “@WyattV18” were filled with pro Gase tweets:

However on Monday night, things changed after a tweet was posted that was copied and pasted from another account.


That other account belonged to Manish Mehta, the New York Daily News beat reporter who covers the team.

Here was the tweet from Mehta which was a link to an article about five players that Jets GM Joe Douglas should bring back in 2020.

And here was that same exact tweet posted on the alleged Gase burner:

The account was immediately deactivated but fans got screenshots.

So Mehta who probably created the burner account to run a fake story about Adam Gase having a burner account accidentally posted a tweet that was meant for his Twitter account on the burner account.

This entire thing sent Twitter into a frenzy.