NFL Fines Eric Fisher $15k For Beer Chug Celebration After Nominating Him For Celebration Of The Week

The NFL is a hotbed for hypocrisy, and the situation involving Eric Fisher this past week is just another example of why players and fans alike dislike Roger Goodell and his regime.

During the Chiefs route of the Texans in the divisional round of the playoffs Sunday, Kansas City lineman busted out of the best celebrations of the season by grabbing two beers from the crowd and going full Stone Cold Steve Austin, smashing them and dumping them onto his face.

The NFL, a league who gets paid millions to promote Bud Light as it’s official beer, proceeded to nominate Fisher’s celebration for the #BudLightCelly of the week, which ended up winning by a landslide.


At the same time, the same league sent Fisher a $15,000 fine for the same celebration.