Tom Brady Renting Derek Jeter’s Absolutely Massive Mansion While In Tampa Bay

Tom Brady will make around $100 million dollars over the next two years and he’s not even the biggest bread winner in his family.

The new Buccaneers quarterback, his wife Gisele Bündchen and their kids needed a place to stay while looking for a home in Florida, and Brady didn’t need to leave the sports world to find a place. Place may be the wrong word… compound.

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Brady just leased former New York Yankee superstar Derek Jeter’s absolutely massive 32,000 sq. ft. mansion on Davis Island in Tampa.

Here are some images of Jeter’s home, which he pays nearly a quarter of a million dollars in taxes on PER YEAR.

The mansion comes complete with seven bedrooms, nine bathrooms, a sprawling swimming pool, a dock with boat lifts, and will run the Bradys a cool $75,000 a month during their stay.