Fans Are Sharing Roger Goodell’s Address So He Can Be Booed While Announcing NFL Draft From Home

The 2020 NFL Draft will look like no draft prior, and not because it will be in Las Vegas, but rather because it will go down in Roger Goodell’s basement.

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the draft will be held virtually, with the first round picks being announced by the commissioner from his Bronxsville, New York home.

Booing the commissioner prior to the first pick has been a staple of the draft for decades, and though it’s likely to come to an end this year, some are trying to keep the tradition going.

Some fans on Twitter are proposing fans show up to Goodell’s home the day of the draft and boo him from outside. Some are even sharing Goodells address (which we’ve edited out due to privacy reasons) so fans know where to assemble.