WWE Says Gronk Must Defend 24/7 Title At All Times, Even If It’s During A Bucs Game

The Patriots just traded a reining WWE Champion to the Buccaneers to join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay. Imagine someone a few months ago telling you that this was going to be a factual statement come April 2020.

That’s exactly what happened Tuesday, with Rob Gronkowski suddenly deciding to forego retirement and play football again. There’s only one problem…Gronk is still under contract with the WWE, and in the current 24/7 World Champion.

Per WWE rules, the reining champion must defend his belt at all times and can be challenged at any place or any time. Vince McMahon clarified the matter with a webpage shortly after the trade became official, saying Gronk is not above these rules, adding that it could even occur in the end zone of a Bucs game.

Gronk could be playing offense and defend in the same game. This could get interesting…