NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Reduces His Salary To $0 During Coronavirus Pandemic

After allowing fans to virtually boo him during the 2020 NFL Draft, Roger Goodell seemingly gained respect from many NFL fans who had formerly hated the commissioner.

Goodell’s relaxed demeanor through the draft seemed to even further ease the hate, and this should do the same.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Roger has voluntarily reduced his salary to $0 in the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic in conjunction with the league implementing salary cuts and furloughs Wednesday.

Per ESPN, the league will implement tiered reductions in pay for its top executives and managers, taking effect in May. The reductions will begin at 5% for manager-level staffers, and will rise to 7% for directors, 10% for vice presidents, 20% for senior vice presidents, and 15% for executive vice presidents. No employee earning a base salary of less than $100,000 will be impacted by the reduction, and no employee’s salary will drop below $100,000 as a result of it, according to the memo.

Goodell was making $40,000,000 a year prior to the pay cut.