NFL Considering Giving Teams Better Draft Picks In Return For Hiring Minority Coaches & GMs

In 2003, the NFL implemented what’s been dubbed “The Rooney Rule,” a rule that mandated all 32 franchises interview minority candidates for head coach and general manager and other senior level operation/front office positions. The rule, named after former chairman of the league’s diversity committee and former owner of the Pittsburgh Steelers Dan Rooney, was to incentive minority hires in the league, something that has always been lacking.

Though it increased the level over time, there’s evidence that the rule isn’t working any longer, and the NFL finds itself with the lowest level of black, asian or hispanic coaches and GMs in 17 years.

In effort to come up with a new, more effective method, the NFL has is reportedly considering improving a team’s draft position in return for hiring minority candidates.

The NFL would reportedly boost a team’s 3rd round draft pick up sports retribution for the hire(s).