Colin Kaepernick Says It’s Time For A Revolt After Death Of George Floyd

Colin Kaepernick was shunned by most of the country three years ago when the 49ers quarterback took a knee during the National Anthem to raise awareness to and protest centuries of systemic racism and recent police brutality.

Years later, the Unites States is facing the same issues.

43-year-old George Floyd was killed by police this week in Minneapolis, Minnesota after an officer suffocated him by ironically kneeling himself, atop Floyd’s neck. Heartbreaking and shocking video of the incident didn’t take long to go viral, and has led to outcry across America for reform.

Kaepernick, who’s been out of the league since the season in which he knelt, tweeted his respects for Floyd on Thursday, calling for a revolt in order to see change after peaceful protests have been not only ignored, but mocked.


The city of Minneapolis has already seen widespread protests, some of which have turned violent and led to looting, rioting and fires, leaving some areas of the city looking like a war zone.

The four officers involved in the incident have been received of their duties at the department, but protestors are calling for charges to be filed against them.