Washington Warriors Reportedly The “Leading Contender” For Redskins New Name

(Artist’s rendition of Washington Warriors logo)

The Washington Redskins announced last week that they will undergo and extensive review to possibly change the name after the term ‘Redskins’ has fallen under mounting criticism for carrying racist undertones. 

The name change discussion began in the early 90’s and has recently picked up steam amidst the ousting of racially insensitive figures or symbols across the country, fueled by major sponsors such as Nike, FedEx and Pepsi showing their want for a change. 

Sen. Ben Nighthorse Campbell, who introduced a bill to block congressional approval of a proposed stadium for the Washington Redskins on federal land in Northeast Washington unless the team changed its name, proposed switching the name to ‘Warriors’, and it seems as if that name is picking up steam within the organization.

Revealed by the Washington Post, The Team 980’s Kevin Sheehan mentioned on his podcast that he had it “on pretty good authority” that the leading contender for the replacement name was the Warriors.

Team owner Dan Snyder, who has clearly been opposed to changing the name, has demonstrated his likeness for the ‘Warriors’ name, planning to call the Arena Football League team he purchased expansion rights for in 1999 the Warriors. Snyder even applied for a trademark registration for “Washington Warriors”, which has since been abandoned.