Giants’ DeAndre Baker Charged With Armed Robbery, Faces Minimum 10 Years In Prison

DeAndre Baker was set to live the next decade of his life playing in the NFL, and now he’s facing living out those next 10 years in a jail cell.

The Giants cornerback and 2018 first round draft pick was arrested in May after carrying out an armed robbery along with fellow NFL cornerback Quinton Dunbar. 

According to police, the two were partying in Miramar, FL on May 13 when an argument escalated to the point of Baker whipping out a semi-automatic firearm. Baker and Dunbar then reportedly began robbing party guests at gunpoint, with Baker even allegedly directing Dunbar to shoot one of them during the incident.

Baker, 22 and Dunbar, 27, made off with tens of thousands in watches and cash, reportedly using a Lamborghini along with other foreign vehicles as getaway cars.

The two were then caught paying off the victims in order for them to keep quiet.

While Baker is set to serve serious jail time, prosecutors elected not to charge his accomplice with the same crimes due to “insufficient evidence.”