Lakers & Clippers Vote To Boycott Remainder Of NBA Season After Jacob Blake Shooting

If it were left up to the teams in LA, the NBA season would be over.

The murder of George Floyd at the hands of police in May left the NBA with ‘Black Lives Matter’ written on the court and massages towards racial justice and equality on the back of their jerseys.

Despite the efforts, Jacob Blake was controversially shot 7 times in the back despite being allegedly unarmed in Kenosa, Wisconsin on Monday. NBA teams are now taking a stand.

The Milwaukee Bucks decided to boycott their Wednesday night playoff game amid the events, with their opponent following suit as well as a the remainder of the teams slated to play. The move caused a ripple across sports, with games being boycotted from the WBNA, to the MLB, to MLS.

The NBA held a meeting with their teams on Wednesday night, where the LA Clippers, as well as title favorites LeBron James and the Lakers, voted to end the season to focus on more important issues.

All other teams reportedly wanted to carry on.