Brian Urlacher Blasts NBA Players For Boycotting Games Over “Sex Offender” Jacob Blake

Jacob Blake was controversially shot in the back 7 times by police earlier this week in an incident that once again, sparked outrage and debate across the nation.

The world of American sports came to a halt as the NBA set off a chain of events where leagues from the WNBA to NHL to the MLB all say boycotts of games in order to focus on more important societal and racial issues.

One of those not in favor of the move, was Brian Urlacher.

The former Chicago Bears legend and Hall of Fame linebacker shared a since deleted post on Instagram comparing the braveness of Brett Favre’s memorable game following his father’s death, to the weakness (in his eyes) of the NBA taking off a night.

Urlacher, who attended the Republican National Convention on Thursday, also ‘liked’ an image praising Kyle Rittenhouse, a militia member who shoot 3 and killed 2 during protests in the town of Kenosa, where riots broke out following the shooting of Blake.

The Chicago Bears have seemingly distanced themselves from Urlacher and his thoughts, releasing a memo from the team.