Eagles QB Carson Wentz To Reportedly Ask For Trade This Offseason

The moment we all knew was inevitably going to arrive, has arrived.

The Carson Wentz era is apparently over in Philadelphia. In what started with a No. 2 overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, Wentz emerged as far and away the best QB from his class, becoming a favorite for the 2018 MVP Award – until he was injured.

That injury lead to backup Nick Foles taking over, and as we all know, winning the franchise and the city of Philadelphia their first Super Bowl.

Though the Eagles would eventually move on from Foles, Wentz’s tenure in Philly would never be the same.


The team drafted Jalen Hurtz early in the 2020 Draft, raising even more questions about Wentz’s future with the team. As we know now, a turnover riddled tumultuous season has led to Wentz being benched for the rookie, who will close out the season and take over as the franchise QB as Carson Wentz will reportedly ask for a trade this offseason.