ESPN Analyst Floats Insane Four-Team Trade Scenario That Would Send Aaron Rodgers To 49ers, Deshaun Watson To Packers

There is likely going to be a lot of quarterback’s that find themselves new homes this offseason. Two of the biggest names being mentioned as possibly being on the move are Deshaun Watson and Aaron Rodgers.

One NFL writer put together an insane trade scenario that includes four teams and would surely be the biggest trade in NFL history.

ESPN’s Bill Barnwell would have Green Bay taking Deshaun Watson, the San Francisco 49ers acquiring Aaron Rodgers, the Houston Texans ending up with current Green Bay backup Jordan Love along with a series of first-round picks, while the New England Patriots would reunite Jimmy Garoppolo.

Here’s the full trade:


Packers send: QB Aaron Rodgers (to 49ers), 30th overall pick, QB Jordan Love (to Texans)

49ers send: 12th overall pick in 2021, 2022 first-round pick (to Texans), 2022 second-round pick (to Packers), QB Jimmy Garoppolo (to Patriots)

Patriots send: 142nd overall pick (to 49ers)

Texans send: QB Deshaun Watson (to Packers), 2022 fourth-round pick (to 49ers)

To simplify it for you:

Packers acquire: Deshaun Watson, 2022 second-round pick

49ers acquire: Aaron Rodgers, 142nd overall pick in 2021, 2022 fourth-round pick

Texans acquire: Jordan Love, 12th overall pick in 2021, 30th overall pick in 2021, 2022 first-round pick

Patriots acquire: Jimmy Garoppolo

The obvious winner of this trade would be Green Bay, who would be acquiring a 25-year-old superstar quarterback in Deshaun Watson, while the Texans would receive multiple picks and a potential franchise quarterback in Jordan Love.

The 49ers team is set up to win now and would give Rodgers a great chance to reach the Super Bowl.

Even with Jimmy G, the Patriots wouldn’t be looked at as competing for much of anything for quite some time.